Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Peep Behind the Scenes by Amy Walton-AUDIO DRAMA

This is an audio drama of a story written in the 1800's. Young Rosalie is traveling from town to town with her parents. They are singer/actors. Rosalie's mother is very ill and her father is too fond of alcohol to see or acknowledge her illness.

While they are stopped for a performance a man gives Rosalie a picture of The Good Shepherd. Rosalie's mother tells her about The Good Shepherd and how He seeks to find His lost sheep. While Rosalie's father continues to follow one scheme after another Rosalie and her mother learn more about The Good Shepherd.

Along their travels Rosalie tells other people about The Good Shepherd. She touches many lives. Unfortunately Rosalie's mother's health continues to worsen. She tells Rosalie what events led her to marry her father and become an actress. How she walked away from all the people she loved to pursue a life on the stage. She makes Rosalie promise that when she is gone Rosalie will look for her aunt in the hopes that the aunt will take care of Rosalie. Both Rosalie and her mother pray that The Good Shepherd will find them before it is too late.

I enjoyed the story and I enjoyed the audio. The problem I have though with listening to an audio book is that I have trouble remembering parts of the story. In a book I can look up names that I have forgotten or scenes that I have forgotten, but it isn't so easy in an audio book. The characters were portrayed very well, and the sound was very good. I thought it was a high quality audio with well played parts by the actors and actresses. I guess I should say that this is an audio drama, so it isn't just a book being read by someone, it is a book being acted out. 

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