Sunday, August 14, 2011

Her Best Catch by Lindi Peterson-KINDLE #3

Allison Doll is a 29 year old auditor that lives with her mother and grandmother. She loves her job and she loves the Lord. She has been best friends with Trent and Velvet since they were children. Trent and Velvet have recently become a couple. Allison refers to them as Trelvet. She is having a hard time being the third wheel in their relationship.

Ashton Boyd is a baseball relief pitcher that recently injured his throwing arm. When he shows up in Allison’s Sunday School he makes quite a stir, not only with the guys, but also with the girls! When Ashton (known as a player) sets his sights on Allison, Trelvet has misgivings.

Allison is attracted to Ashton, after all his kisses make her weak at the knees! But Ashton is working on a comeback that will take him out of town the majority of the year. Allison’s father was away for much of her life with his job. Allison doesn’t know if she could handle a long-distance relationship. 

I really enjoyed this story. Allison was such a fun character and there were several laugh- out- loud moments. 

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