Friday, August 12, 2011

Disaster Status by Candace Calvert-KINDLE #2

Erin is an ER nurse who has a hard time trusting people-especially men. All while she was growing up she could never trust her father because he always let her down. She cannot forgive her father so she has hardened herself and separated herself from her family. She has convinced herself that she is strong and doesn't need to trust anyone else.

Scott is a firefighter with ambitions to be chief. He likes everything "by the book". Having failed to help his sister out of a miserable marriage with disastrous results, he blames himself. He too has slowly separated himself from his family.

When a chemical spill brings several people to the ER it throws Erin and Scott together. Sparks instantly fly between them. There is definitely an attraction between them but will they be able to get past their own hurts and be able to trust each other?

This was a fairly quick and easy read. I was a bit disappointed in that I thought the initial disaster would play more of a part in the story. While there were several emergencies during the story the author focused more on the relationships and the personal struggles of several characters.

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