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This month's Christian Fiction Book Club is hosted by Jules at My Own Little Corner of the World. If you read Digitalis by Ronie Kendig and would like to discuss it with us, choose a question from HERE and link up your post. No blog? You're welcome to hop around and join our discussions in the comments.  
(Thanks to Joy at Edgy Inspirational Romance for posting this blurb, I stole it from her! Below is my review and opinions)

Colton (Cowboy) is part of the Nightshade team. He is a sniper for the team. He battles the memories of being held captive and tortured, of his sister being killed, and of his wife leaving him. The only good thing to come of that relationship was his daughter Mickey.

Piper works at a department store. She is in hiding. Her true identity can never be revealed or her father will be in deadly danger. She cannot afford to be careless and she cannot afford to enter into any relationships that may endanger her life and the lives of those she loves.

From the moment Colton and Piper see each other in the department store there is an attraction. Goaded by his team, Colton finally works up the courage to ask Piper out. It seems that they are meant for each other. After all, Mickey has dreamed for a mother and brother and sister, she thinks Piper is perfect.

Evil catches up with Piper quickly. Unable to tell Colton her secrets soon puts a strain on their relationship. Especially once that evil visits Colton’s home and leaves tragedy behind.

The story was definitely action-packed. Unfortunately for me the relationship between Colton and Piper just didn’t work. Frankly I got irritated with both of them too often. Both of them kept secrets from each other. Colton was unable to tell Piper what his true job was. Piper was unable to tell him about the danger that she was in. Yet when Colton finds out about Piper he is unable to forgive her for holding the secret and drawing him and his family into her danger.  I thought their declarations for love to one another started way too fast before they ever had a chance to really KNOW each other.  Also, a pet-peeve that I have is the editing of the story. I read my copy on my Kindle and it was full of typos, to the point of distraction.  I think that Digitalis can be a standalone story, but the first in the series is Nightshade, and coming out soon is Wolfsbane.  Nightshade may have explained the reason the group was formed, but I caught up pretty quickly with the characters in Digitalis. 


Discussion Questions:

 6. Have you or a loved one ever endured something painful (an illness, injury, broken relationship) and you wondered why God didn’t supernaturally intervene? Why do you think He does not eradicate our problems or pains?
While this in not an illness, injury or broken relationship story it is one that at the time was a struggle for me to get through. In 1997 the base that my husband worked at was closed down. We had to make the decision of being relocated or find another job. My husband had almost 20 years of service in though so we didn’t think we wanted to lose his retirement. We opted to be relocated. While I was grateful for my husband being offered a job at another base it was hard for me because I had never been away from my family before. Now I was faced with being half the country away from my parents, sisters and friends. It is not easy for me to make friends, and my family was my support system. I have to say though that even though the first year was a struggle with many tears and rants to the Lord, after being here for 14 years the Lord has provided so much for us that looking back I am amazed at my immaturity in thinking that I knew what was best instead of resting in God’s promise that HE knows what is best for us always. As far as why He doesn’t eradicate our problems and pains I believe those trials and tribulations are to help us grow in maturity to our Lord and Savior.  Through that time even though I was asking Him WHY I was still calling to Him for help. He provided a wonderful church family for us. He has provided friends that have become our surrogate family. I still miss being physically close to family, but with internet, phone calls and visits we stay intimately close.

2. Colton is a Marine, he has seen combat, and as a sniper, he has killed enemy combatants.  Yet without his precise skill, innocent lives would have been lost. Our troops often face horrible accusations by those who have never weathered combat. What are your thoughts about Colton’s profession?
Unfortunately war is a result of sin in the world. I admire our military for the sacrifices that they give every day for our safety. Colton was a sniper, he took out bad guys. Bad guys need to be taken out, that’s just a fact. 


  1. Colton made me want to bop him upside the head a few times in this story, but ultimately I like how the romance played out.

    Do you think you'll move closer to your family after your husband retires?

  2. I don't know about the romance in this one Joy. It just seemed a bit too fast. Not that I don't believe in "love at first sight", but it just didn't ring true with me. They may have had an attraction towards each other, but even at the end of the book they still didn't really KNOW each other. At least not enough to call it true love. They danced around the trust issue too much to really know if it was true love.

    As far as moving closer to my family when my husband retires(in a little over a year), I doubt it. They live in CA. We could never afford to live there again. Plus I have grandbabies now to think about and I want to stay near them. Travel will be more easy though once my husband retires so hopefully we can visit more frequently with my family. Oh, and my husbands mom and sisters family live in FL...opposite ends of the country! So I think we are going to get in the car and travel travel travel.

  3. I enjoyed reading your take on the story, Julie! I also got frustrated with Piper. I don't like it when the secret-keeping goes on to ridiculous lengths just to give the couple something to overcome. Thanks for sharing your testimony of how God has worked in your life. It always encourages me to hear how God comforts the hearts of His children. Blessings!

  4. Thanks Renee! I am enjoying reading everyone's personal stories of how God is working in their lives. It truly is an encouragement to see how God works in others' lives.

  5. Yikes, California is expensive. My husband's parents and sister live there. He wanted us to move too, but we can't go anywhere until I retire...only 16 more years. LOL.

  6. Ack! That's a lot of years Joy! But when we moved here my husband had 15 more years to retirement. It goes by very fast! I on the other hand have never worked that long anywhere! So no retirement for me...sad.

  7. Wow, Julie! I thought moving from IL to GA was least I can get home once a year to see my fam! I am happy to hear that things have worked out well for you. :)

    I agree with others about the secrecy and trust issue between Piper and Colton. I wanted to pop Colton too, Joy! Sometimes guys are just so....I don't know....but they need a woman to straighten them out at times! :)

  8. Julie J. I get "home" about every other year. It is too expensive to go out every year. My parents get here the years that we don't get out to CA. But that still leaves sisters and nieces and nephews that we don't get to see on a regular basis. I'm thankful for email and facebook! I've managed to keep in contact with most of them through that.

    I think you mean guys are just so dense sometimes when it comes to the romantic side of life. ha!

  9. Hey Julie! Love your answer to question 2. Bad guys need to be taken out. Oftentimes when I hear people against violence, guns, and what not, I'm like... "Uhh...and who, exactly, is going to protect you against the bad guys? Cuz I can promise you they are not going to obey the laws of no guns and no violence!"

    Great post! :-)

  10. Thanks Katie! Unfortunately we live in a fallen world and until the Lord comes again we are going to have to deal with "bad guys" and war. I think we all agree that our military need and deserve our thoughts and prayers and thanks.

  11. Thanks for the post!
    I would also bop Colton, but I'm afraid it would hurt my hand.

  12. That's funny Kacie! I agree it would hurt your hand. I'm married to a former Marine and they are a pretty solid breed!