Monday, May 11, 2015

The Princess by Lori Wick

Prince Nikolai must marry by his 26th birthday. Nikolai was married before but his wife passed away. Now Nick has left it up to his parents to find him a wife. Still mourning his wife Nikolai must trust their judgment on who would fit him the most. 

Shelby Parker will make the perfect Princess. She agrees to marry Nikolai and perform the duties of Princess.

Shelby and Nikolai have a rocky start. Shelby is insecure and timid about what her position is. She is also nervous about mentioning Nikolai’s first wife, afraid to offend him.  Will Nikolai ever be able to accept this new Princess or is their marriage doomed for failure?

This is one of my absolute favorite standalone books of Lori Wick’s. Who doesn’t love a princess story? And the “Happily Ever After” ending that all must expect when we read a princess story is perfect. I did get a little frustrated with Shelby a couple of times in not opening up to Nikolai, but that was understandable considering how Nikolai scared her at the beginning of their relationship by showing some anger at her. It led to some insecurities in Shelby that kind of set the tone for their future. Aside from that I loved the romance of the story and how Nikolai was eventually able to choose to love Shelby and show that to her in some sweet ways. If you have never read The Princess then I would say it is a MUST read in the Lori Wick collection.

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