Monday, May 11, 2015

Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

Antanasia and Lucius are set to become the rulers of the vampire realm. First though the elders have to vote. There of course is dissention among the leaders and some are set on undermining Lucius’s authority and discredit Antanasia’s ability to rule. 

Antanasia has been having hallucinations and they are scaring her. She wakes up from “dreams” that are so vivid it is like they really are happening. When Lucius is accused of murdering another vampire it is up to Antanasia to uphold the law and become the ruler she is meant to be. Seeing that he is going to be thrown into the dungeon Lucius requests Raniero to give up his beach bum ways and come back to Romania to help Antanasia in the coming days. 

Mindy, Antanasia’s best friend also arrives being concerned about Jessica (Antanasia). Finding that another friend is hanging around Antanasia Mindy is a bit jealous. Ylenia is Antanasia’s cousin and has become a friend to her. Mindy knows there is something about Ylenia that is not right and she is determined to get to the bottom of it. 

Will Antanasia be able to become the ruler that the vampire world needs in order to save her husband Lucius from being destroyed? 

Ok, first off that name! I have to admit at first I was pronouncing it Anastasia. It finally sunk into my brain that it was spelled Antanasia NOT Anastasia. I even went back and looked to make sure it wasn’t a typo! So Antanasia it is and I had a time the rest of the book getting used to that! I really enjoyed the book; I wish I would have read it soon after reading the first one in the series though as I had forgotten a lot of what happened. It seems that for part of the book Antanasia/Jessica was a weakling and unable to make a decision of her own. I really liked watching her get hold of herself and rise to her position. Raniero had a big part in bringing Antanasia to that position. Oh Raniero…sigh! No wonder Mindy melts when she sees him. But she finds out soon enough that he and Ylenia have a past and it breaks her heart. No matter that she has broken up with him and tried to remake him over and over. Raniero was probably my favorite character and then Lucius. Wow, Lucius is one strong vampire and definitely deserves to rule the vampires. I would suggest reading Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side before reading this one. I enjoyed it and there is a bonus short at the end of Jessica Rules the Dark Side about Jessica/Antanasia’s and Lucius’s wedding.

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