Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Treasure Map of Boys by E. Lockhart

Ruby Oliver is a junior in high school. apparently the year before she had a pretty traumatic time(described in The Boyfriend List ), she lost her best friends, lost her boyfriend and had to start in therapy. Continuing on with that theme Ruby is down to pretty much 2 friends Nora and Meaghan. Ruby is still seeing a therapist, still having friend problems and still having boy issues.

Ruby is still pining away for her ex-boyfriend Jackson. When Jackson and Kim(ex best friend) break up Jackson starts flirting with Ruby. Noel is Ruby's Chem partner and guy friend. But their friendship is a bit awkward because Noel had wanted to kiss Ruby and she had told him no. Now she is wishing that she had kissed him. The problem is that Nora likes Noel and has asked Ruby to not act on her feelings for him. Then there is Gideon who is Nora's hunky older brother. There seems to be some chemistry between he and Ruby.

Things seem to go downhill for Ruby her junior year. She has a knack for drama in her life! She loses her job at the zoo, has multiple panic attacks during the week, has to get a job at a shoe store(many stinky feet), gets caught kissing Noel so consequently loses her friend Nora, she meets her therapists boyfriend while working at the shoe store which causes awkward moments during her sessions.

This was kind of a  hard book for me to get through. I guess I have forgotten all of the angst that teens go through with their boy/girl relationships. Ruby's life got a bit tedious for me. No wonder she was in therapy! There was a bit of language which usually I can overlook, but the F-word was sprinkled throughout. So when you look at the cover of the book it kind of looks like an innocent read, but the subject matter is more mature. I'll not be reading the other books in the series. BUT, if you enjoy teen drama there was plenty of that and at times humorous situations so try it!

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