Thursday, December 2, 2010

Little Mercies by Lynn Coulter

Little Mercies is a collection of inspiring true stories that the author has experienced throughout her lifetime. This book could almost be used as a daily devotional except that there aren't 365 stories, just 16. Each story has its own inspiration that the author then relates to stories that are in the Bible and verses that uplift and encourage. Four of those stories stood out for me.

Night Music tells about a friend that moved far away. The friend missed the sounds of the south and asked the author for a tape of night sounds. A beautiful story of friendship and appreciation for God's Creation.

Singing Behind the Plow tells of the authors visit to the John C. Campbell Folk School where she took a class on canning produce. One of the things that she talked about was how God honors our hard work. Also how important it is to pass on to our children and grandchildren skills that are becoming extinct like canning or even making homemade bread or biscuits.

Forgiven tells a story about when her father was a young boy. He was punished unjustly by his father for an incident he had no control over. The author talks about forgiveness being a gift and that we must forgive others.

Streetlight Dog is the story of a stray dog that the author tried to befriend. I loved how she compared her efforts with trying to be friends with the dog to how Jesus is alway pursuing a relationship with us.

I picked a few of my favorites out of this book, but really each story had something that spoke to my heart and reminded me to watch for those "Little Mercies" in my own daily life.


  1. I've been looking for something like this for my Mom for Christmas. Thanks for the rec!

  2. unfortunately Joy the book doesn't come out until March 2011. I was fortunate enough to get an ARC.