Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge #4

Today's activity is to find a new blog. Here is one that I found recently that has become one of my favorites:

This blog is run by Joy Tamsin David. I love her reviews, they are informative and catch your interest. I am a fan of all types of genre when I read, but one of my favorite genre's is Romance. Here on Joy's blog I can find good, clean-yet-edgy romance to read.

I know you only asked for one, but I have to do two! This second blog that I found is run by 5 ladies. I started following them when they introduced a holiday Santa's Sac Scavenger hunt. It was fun each day to search for the present and collect the word for the day. They had a daily winner and then wrapped it up with a large prize package give-away. I won a book on the last day of the Scavenger Hunt! I always think it is a bonus when I win! Here is their site:

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  1. Julie!!

    Thanks for the shout out today! I've enjoyed getting to know you too, both here and over at Edifying and Edgy.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!