Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Break Reading Challenge #7

Today's challenge is titled "Busting Bookshelves" the assignment is to take pictures of our bookshelves and to tell what type of system we use to organize our shelves.

Here are my shelves:

There are 4 bookshelves in my livingroom(these pictures kind of overlap). I have them lining the wall behind 2 recliners. My husband felt a little claustrophobic at first, but he is getting used to them. There is no room in any other room of the house! I arrange my books alphabetically by author...because I am anal like that!  Here is my "To Be Read" shelf:

I found out with my last years challenge that the TBR pile is never going to shrink! But it does change quite often. I weed out those that don't look interesting anymore and then of course I am always adding to it!

I have a bookshelf in another room that has childrens books in it and then I have another bookshelf in my daughters room that has books that we both enjoy reading that I couldn't fit on the shelves in the livingroom and her closet is full of books! Ack! I have passed on my addiction to both daughters!


  1. I love how you have so many bookcases all lined up like that. It's like a real library!

  2. I need a bigger house - I want a wall full of shelves.