Friday, May 11, 2018

Sense & Sensibility Read-Along Discussion I

This is the first Discussion of Sense & Sensibility. Amber at Seasons of Humility is hosting us so head over to her blog and check out her thoughts of this week's section.

My Thoughts:

I don't know if it is because I am on vacation or what, but I am having a hard time getting into the story this time. I can't stand the brother and wife that kicked the Dashwoods out! That woman is a real piece of work! See, I can't even remember their names! That's terrible! I have read Sense & Sensibility before, and seen the movie countless times and still can't remember. The Middleton's seem nice enough. Although the husband kind of talks too much. The wife and children are annoying! ha! As for the Miss Steele's...UGH! Talk about fly in the ointment! Elinor and Marianne are totally opposite of each other, but they do love each other. Marianne wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve and Elinor is much more reserved. I like them both. I honestly didn't remember how much older Colonel Brandon is than Marianne. But I really like him. As for Willoughby I think he is a playboy and plays on Marianne's emotions. I'm on chapter 23 now and it is just now starting to get interesting with Lucy's revelation to Elinor.

Quotes I Like:

"Certainly not; but if you observe, people always live for ever when there is an annuity to be paid them; and she is very stout and healthy, and hardly forty" Good grief! barely 40 so yeah, she does have a bit more life to live! 

"Mama, the more I know of the world, the more am I convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love. I require so much!" Oh Marianne!

"Brandon is just the kind of man, said Willoughby one day, when they were talking of him together, whom every body speaks well of, and nobody cares about; whom all are delighted to see, and nobody remembers to talk to." Poor Colonel Brandon, but he gets his time.

" It was rather a wish of distinction, she believed, which produced his contemptuous treatment of every body, and his general abuse of every thing before him. It was the desire of appearing superior to other people." Ugh, the Palmer's! 

"Lady Middleton resigned herself to the idea of it, with all the philosophy of a well-bred woman, contenting herself with merely giving her husband a gentle reprimand on the subject five or six times every day." I laughed out loud at this! 

Questions from Amber's Blog:

1. So far, do you relate more to Elinor or Marianne? Do you find it more important to act properly and rationally, or do you prefer to speak your mind and express your true emotions? I am definitely more of an Elinor. I might act as Marianne sometimes with family, but with the "public" I am very reserved.

2. Imagine you're invited to tea at Barton Park and have to make conversation with Sir and Lady Middleton and Mrs. Jennings. What would you talk about? How would you survive the afternoon? :) (Feel free to round out the imaginary occasion with other guests of your choosing, like Colonel Brandon, Willoughby, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, or the Miss Steeles.)I'll be interested in reading what people do with this one, I'm not much of a "pretend" kind of gal nor a role play gal so I've got nothing on this. I guess if I were with this group I would be a more "smile and nod" kind of person and move along as soon as possible. 

3. How would you respond to Lucy's revelations at the end of Volume I if you were Elinor? Would you keep Lucy's secret from everyone? Would you continue to remain "friends" with Lucy? Not really knowing Lucy I would hope I would check into her allegations instead of taking her word for things and I hope that I would give Edward a chance to explain himself. I feel bad for Elinor because she is so stoic and it is difficult for her to show her feelings. She was counting on Edward's attachment and to have those hopes dashed has got to be devastating for her. 

Have you read Sense and Sensibility? Are you reading along with us? If so feel free to leave a comment and jump into the discussion. Join us next Friday for Discussion II. 


  1. Fanny and John Dashwood are awful, but Willoughby is the worst. Can't stand him! And your answer to number three; I would also be a smile and nod person. What else could you do when Sir John just rambles!?

    Hope you're having fun on vacation! :-)

  2. Always so fun to read your thoughts, although I'm sorry the story isn't drawing you in as much this time! But I echo Miranda in hoping that you're having an enjoyable vacation. :)

    Great quotes and observations! That last quote is hilarious! And Elinor's insights into Mr. Palmer's character are both interesting and sad. I feel like the person who portrayed him in the 1995 movie did a good job.

    Thanks so much for sharing all this, and I look forward to exchanging thoughts on Volume II!