Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Flowers and Foul Play by Amanda Flower

Fiona's fiance leaves her for another woman making it much easier for her to go to Scotland and claim the inheritance her godfather has just left her. When Fiona arrives at Duncreigan she is greeted by her godfathers longtime friend and caretaker of the grounds Hamish. Hamish is very insistent that Fiona go and visit her godfather's garden behind the house. Remembering how the garden was on former visits Fiona is disappointed with how the garden has died away. What really startles her though is the dead body of her godfather's lawyer! Chief Inspector Craig comes to investigate the body. It seems that right before Fiona's eyes the garden starts coming to life. Could it be possible that the rumors are true? That the garden is magical? Why was her godfather's lawyer killed? Will Fiona make Duncreigan her home as her godfather wished? And what is this attraction that the Chief Inspector and Fiona seem to have going between them?

All of those questions are answered in this delightful cozy mystery! As always it wouldn't be a mystery by Amanda Flower without some fun animal characters. In Flowers and Foul Play we meet Hamish's pet squirrel and Fiona's new pet cat Ivanhoe. Even though they are animals they steal some of the scenes with their cute/funny personalities.

The characters in the book are also interesting. Fiona is determined to find out the who-done-it. Asking questions that put her in jeopardy, she and the Chief Inspector butt heads about her involvement in the case. Neil Craig is rather a handsome Chief Inspector and I'm looking forward to seeing how he and Fiona develop their relationship in future books. We get a peak into the mystery of the garden and what it is capable of and what it means for Fiona, and we get to meet some of the townsfolk that Fiona will be getting to know in future books. I enjoyed this beginning to a new series by Amanda Flower and look forward to more books in the future!

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