Monday, August 1, 2016

Under The August Moon by Holly Schindler

Mark and Jo from the DEAREST MARCH installment of the Forever Finley story cycle continue on with their story in this installment. Mark is kept busy keeping the Amos legend alive. He would love to marry Jo, but it seems that Jo has no desire for marriage. She was burned once in marriage and has no intention of having that happen again. Mark knows that he is behind all of the little things that the townsfolk have attributed to Amos Hargrove the town founder. But when Mark hunts down the thief of a pair of overalls he may change his mind about the legend surrounding Amos and his love Finley.

Helped along by Finley's magical vines, Mark finds that he can be perfectly happy in his relationship with Jo even if that relationship is unconventional to him.

I enjoyed one more piece of the puzzle of Amos and Finley's story. I found with this installment that I was more interested in Amos and Finley's parts than I was in Mark and Jo's story. I think maybe because we are getting closer to Amos and Finley's story being complete I'm finding my attention taken by their love story rather than by who they are helping. While Mark and Jo settled their relationship to their satisfaction I found that it was not settled to my satisfaction. But, this is their own "Happily Ever After" and even though it doesn't match my desire for them I'm sure that many will find it just as romantic as the other couples in the town of Finley. I highly recommend this short story cycle. It doesn't have to be read in order. You can jump in wherever you like. Me? I'm an order kind of gal and love to start at point A and finish at point B. If you do that you get the bigger picture and it makes the whole cycle one big lovely read!!

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Miles Left Yet where the town of Finley is introduced

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