Monday, August 29, 2016

The Nanny Solution by Barbara Phinney

When Victoria's step-father dies and leaves Victoria and her mother with embarrassing debts and bankruptcy Victoria's mother is determined to leave Boston in secret. She sends Victoria to her uncle in Colorado. Victoria's pride will not allow her to ask her uncle for money for the trip to Colorado so when Mitchell shows up on their doorstep asking for a nanny for his children while travelling to Colorado Victoria jumps at the chance to earn her train fare. Even though Victoria has no idea how to care for children she is determined to learn quickly. When Mitchell learns that Victoria is the niece of the crooked banker that holds the lease on his ranch he is less than happy! Thinking that once they reach Proud Bend they will go their separate ways Mitchell doesn't count on Victoria's tenacity in desiring to care for his children. Victoria has no desire to marry her uncle's business partner, but what is a penniless debutante to do?

I really liked the characters in The Nanny Solution. I loved how determined Victoria was to learn to earn her own way. I liked how she desired to be independent. I liked Mitchell in that he desired to take care of his children no matter what. I was frustrated that even though Victoria and Mitchell were attracted to each other that they kept denying it and pushing each other away. But at the same time I liked the message of pride becoming a person's downfall. The bit of suspense and the dastardly characters of Victoria's uncle and his business partner added a bit of excitement to the story and kept the story line moving along. I thought that it took Mitch and Victoria a bit too long to get to their "a-ha" moment, but they did eventually get there and the ending was sweet.

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