Thursday, February 25, 2016

Remnants: Season Of Glory by Lisa T. Bergren

Remnants Season of Glory starts right where Remnants Season of Fire left off. The Ailith have just rescued Dri, Ronan and Dri's parents from Pacifica and are now making their escape back to Ronan and Dri's beloved Valley. There they will regroup and rest in preparation for the battle that the Ailith have been called for, the ultimate fight against good and evil.

Keallach still desires to have Dri as his own and devises a plan to infiltrate the Ailith and ultimately win her over to rule with him. Keallach is feeling the calling upon him though and is confused. Having been under Sethos's power for years Keallach doesn't know his own mind. Drawn to the Ailith as his kin, he still feels the pull of the dark forces and Sethos's influence.

As more and more people come to the Valley in support of the Way Sethos knows he must stop this movement if he ever wants to have ultimate power over the people of the land. In order to gain that power there must be a marriage between Keallach and Dri and Sethos is determined to do all in his power to make that happen.

Wow! Just Wow! I loved every bit of Season of Glory! It was so hard to put this book down. I found myself so wrapped up in the things that were happening that when it came time for me to do my adulting it was very difficult to leave their world behind! Dri, Ronan and the rest were always on my mind as I went about being a responsible adult and I couldn't wait to immerse myself in their world once again. The battles were epic and exciting and had my heart pounding! Season of Glory was a bit of a reunion of all of the characters the Ailith have met along their journey, it was good to catch up with all of those who had been touched by the Maker.

Season of Glory is filled with so many spiritual aspects. Redemption and restoration are two things that came to mind while reading this last book in the series. The battle of good vs. evil is a relevant lesson taught and I loved how the author used the spiritual realm to depict angels and demons fighting for souls, and how the Maker calls us for a purpose higher than our own desires.

The Remnant series is a must read in my opinion, and I have to say you will not be disappointed!

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