Tuesday, February 16, 2016

If I Run by Terri Blackstock

Casey Cox finds her best friend murdered. She knows that she will be blamed for his murder so Casey leaves town. Casey also knows that somehow Brent's death has to do with the supposed suicide of her father 12 years before. Casey never believed that her father committed suicide, but who pays attention to a 12 year old? Casey would like to prove her innocence, but knows that the evidence overwhelmingly proves that she murdered her friend.

Dylan Roberts has been suffering from PTSD since he got out of the military. He's tried to get a job with the police department, but with his PTSD nobody will hire him. When his former friend Brent is murdered the family hire Dylan to find the woman who did this. If Dylan can find Casey it will show the police that he is reliable enough to hire. As Dylan searches for Casey he finds too many things that don't add up. Everyone that Casey is friends with do not believe that Casey could do such a thing as murder. Everyone that Dylan talks to has nothing but good to say of Casey. Her personality is not that of a murderer. But Dylan's job is to find her and let justice run its course.

Casey may change her name and her life, but she can't change her personality. Casey is a caring person by nature and that care is demonstrated to the people she comes in contact with as she seeks to disappear from her old life. That caring nature may become her downfall in the end.

I really enjoyed this book! From the very beginning I was hooked. I liked the fact that Casey knew what needed to be done to disappear. I liked the fact that she wasn't a simpering female ready to fall apart when things got bad. I also liked that she remained true to her nature by stepping in and helping someone even when it meant that she would possibly be caught. While the book wasn't filled with suspense it had its moments that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was disappointed in the ending as I feel like too many things were left hanging. That may have been the intention of the author in preparation for another book, but it made for a very unsatisfying ending. Other than that I enjoyed every moment of my reading experience with this book.

**UPDATE** The author let me know that there are 2 more books planned for the series! So I don't have to remain disappointed about not knowing what happens! Woohoo!


  1. I've been seeing this one get pretty good reviews so that makes me excited. I did like Terri's last series and at some point, I suspect I'll pick this one up too. :)

    1. It was very good Rissi! But then I am definitely a fan of her writing! Thanks for stopping by!