Saturday, September 28, 2013

W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton

Another addition to the Kinsey Millhone collection. This time we learn a bit more about Kinsey's family that she never knew existed. She gets to meet some cousins that she wishes she didn't have which makes for some funny/tense moments in the book. She gets to solve a couple of murders and have an old love interest turn up. It was fun to once again visit the 80's where Kinsey has been since the debut of A is for Alibi. Reading about her having to grab handfuls of change to make calls from a phone booth, having to leave her door open so she could hear the ringing of her telephone while she was outside, and a description of a Walkman all had me reminiscing about "the good old days"! With the way Kinsey likes to keep her life uncluttered I could not imagine her living in 2013. Being attached to all of our electronic gadgets would send her over the edge! Three more books to go in the alphabet and the series will be over. Considering that it takes Sue Grafton a couple of years to finish each book, by my calculation we have about 6 more years to wait for the end of the series. While I am impatient for each book to come out I have to admit that because the author is not churning out a book every 6 months the series is well researched and she manages to keep the character fresh while still keeping her in the 80's. W is for Wasted was a solid addition to the series but yeah, I'm looking forward to Z!

I borrowed this book from my local library and was not required to write a review for it.

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