Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower

Andora "Andi" Boggs and her older sister Bethany have come to live with their Aunt after the death of their parents. Both girls are still going through the grieving process and Bethany is less than happy that she and Andi are sharing a room. When Andi finds out that her father's room used to be the attic she asks her Aunt if she can move up there. The neighbor boy, Colin, comes to help Andi clean out the attic. When they discover a hidden trunk with Andora's name on it they find themselves in the middle of a mystery that they both want to find answers to. Who was the first Andora? And why won't anyone talk about her?

My Review:

 I am an absolute sucker for mysteries! From the time I started seriously reading on my own when I was 10, mysteries were my favorite genre. After having read The Appleseed Creek series by the same author I knew that I had to read Andi Unexpected and that I would not be disappointed. As a children's book Andi Unexpected was a quick read but not without great content. I found myself transported to childhood again as I followed Andi and Colin on their quest to find the answers to the original Andora. I would recommend this book to any 5th through 8th grader(even younger if they are mature readers and older if they don't mind reading about younger characters). Andi did find herself in a couple of tricky/dangerous situations that had me a little tense while reading, but that just added to the fun of the mystery. A great beginning to a new series by Amanda Flower!

A couple of scenes I liked in the book:

Andi's attire for church and Bethany's objection to it reminded me so much of my daughters. My youngest daughter would wear the exact same type outfit that Andi wore and my oldest daughter would comment pretty much the same way Bethany did. Made me laugh!

A scene I especially cracked up at was when Andi and Colin were talking to Miss Addy about the name Andora. Miss Addy commented,

"I miss names like Ruth or Mary or Rebecca. It's all Apple, Mango, and Pear these days. What, do people think they are making a fruit salad instead of naming a child?"

That had me laughing out loud as I am always on the lookout for those odd and unusual names that people tend to name their children nowadays. I share with a friend and we have a good laugh along with shaking of our heads in wonder. Miss Addy put it perfectly!

The Appleseed Creek Mysteries by Amanda Flower:

A Plain Death(not read yet)
A Plain Scandal
A Plain Disappearance

Amanda Flower has another series out, The India Hayes Mysteries, that I have not read yet.

I received my copy of Andi Unexpected from the publisher Zonderkidz through NetGalley. This review is my honest opinion.

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