Friday, September 6, 2013

The Last Present by Wendy Mass

Grace, Connor's sister has gone into a catatonic state and nobody knows why. Connor has no idea about Angelina D'Angelo's interaction with some of his friends in Willow Falls. Angelina has given every child born in Willow Falls words to keep them safe throughout their life. When Grace was born though she was unable to speak the entire set of words because she was interrupted. Angelina has tried for 10 years to make the situation right and has failed. Now Angelina has called on Amanda and Leo to go back in time to each of Grace's birthday parties to find out why Angelina's attempts have failed.

Amanda and Leo find out more about Angelina's past and begin to understand all of the secrets that she keeps from them. In THE LAST PRESENT Amanda, Leo and their friends are now 13 and relationships are starting to change. Amanda and Leo are moving from being best friends into exploring a new relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

I've enjoyed all of Wendy Mass's books that I have read, but I did miss the book before THE LAST PRESENT which was 13 GIFTS. I'm afraid I was a bit lost in this book, but I did go buy 13 GIFTS and am looking forward to reading it. THE LAST PRESENT reveals Angelina and Willow Falls history and answers many questions for the reader as well as for Amanda and Leo. I've loved reading this series and reading about the friendships that have developed. Add in a bit of time travel and you have a fun/sweet series that made me smile.

I received my copy from the publisher Scholastic through NetGalley.

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