Monday, September 30, 2013

Dark Justice by Brandilyn Collins

Hannah and her mother have just spent a wonderful couple of days away and are now headed back to their home. Hannah decides to take a different way home. When they come upon an accident they pull over and try to help the old gentleman laying beside his car. He tries to tell them something before the ambulance arrives but all they understand is "don't tell anyone" and "Raleigh".

Hannah's mother is suffering from dementia and in her confused state has decided that the gentleman wants them to find his daughter in Raleigh. When Hannah and her mother arrive home Hannah finds a computer flash drive in her coat pocket that was not there earlier in the day. She decides to see what is on it. While looking at the images the doorbell rings. Two FBI men are there wanting to ask her questions. They make her very uncomfortable and she demands that they leave. When the local law enforcement asks her to come in to make a statement about the accident Hannah becomes paranoid finding that the FBI agents were not legitimate. Hannah doesn't know who to trust with a secret she barely knows anything about but that is so important someone would kill for it. Being pursued by people that will stop at nothing to find out what she knows Hannah takes her mother and tries to disappear in order to find anyone that she can trust.

Brandilyn Collins has written a scary tale of domestic terrorism that in reality can too easily be accomplished. DARK JUSTICE kept me on the edge of my seat and I believe I read it in one day! Hannah's quandary in whom she could trust along with her desire to keep her mother and daughter safe added to the tension of what was going on behind the scenes with the terrorists. I really liked that Hannah was strong enough to take care of "bad guys" and take care of her ailing mother who would have episodes of screaming fits that had me cringing even though I couldn't technically "hear" them. If you are a fan of suspense then I highly recommend DARK JUSTICE.

I received my copy of DARK JUSTICE from the publisher B&H through NetGalley. This is my honest opinion of the book.

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