Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

When Abigail Foster's family loses most of their money in bad investments the family is forced to find a more modest place to live. When a solicitor approaches them about moving into the Pembrooke house they readily agree to the terms of letting it for a one-year period.

Not long after Abigail moves into the home to prepare it for her family she starts hearing the rumors of what happened to the Pembrooke family(distant relatives of the Fosters). Also she is warned to keep an eye out for treasure hunters. One of the rumors is that a former family member hid a treasure in a secret room.

Always having given up everything for her younger sister, Abigail finds that at Pembrooke Park she can be herself and not live in the shadow of her sisters beauty. Meeting the young curate William Chapman, Abigail's heart is stirred. But with the Chapman family having such close ties with the Pembrooke family past there is mystery surrounding not only William, but his sister Leah as well.

With all of the family secrets swirling around Miles Pembrooke shows up to add to the mystery of the past. Appearing charming there seems to be an underlying purpose to Miles' flirtations. When Abigail finds him snooping around the house obviously in search of the secret room she is put on her guard.

Author Julie Klassen always writes such a great gothic tale. The Secret of Pembrooke Park is no exception. The mystery surrounding the Pembrooke estate and family keeps the reader involved. The relationships between family and servants and neighbors is intriguing. The romance keeps the heart pitter-pattering. I did read in the Author's Notes that this was the longest book to date that Julie Klassen has written, and truly while it did take me a while to read it(because of the holidays) I would have gotten through it quite quickly it was that enjoyable. If you are a fan of the gothic tale, love a good mystery and romance then definitely give this one a read.

**I received my copy from the publisher Bethany House Publishers through NetGalley for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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