Sunday, March 9, 2014

Snapshot by Lis Wiehl

In 1965 Lisa Waldren's father, an FBI agent, takes his daughter to a Civil Rights rally. While there she meets another little girl her age. Her father takes a snapshot of the two little girls enjoying each others company. Then the unthinkable happens and all chaos breaks out.

Jump ahead several decades and Lisa is now a successful Federal Prosecutor estranged from her father who is now retired. When he contacts her to help him solve a murder that he has never been able to forget, Lisa at first is unwilling. But eventually she goes to Ft. Worth, TX to help her father and maybe try to understand why he distanced himself from her all those years ago.

James Waldren is now trying to help the man convicted of murdering the Civil Rights activist before he is put to death for the crime he didn't commit. Government as well as local authority cover-ups, and threats to his family caused James Waldren to stop investigating many years before, but now he is determined to right a wrong. But as with all secrets, some people would prefer they be left alone. 

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the step-by-step search for the killer and all of the twists and turns to get there. We as the reader know exactly who the killer is, but the "why" is slowly revealed throughout the story. Loved that the two little girls, now grown up, were able to get back together and help each other in the investigation. When I think about the Civil Rights movements for some reason I always think farther in the past than what they really are. I was born in 1965 when the event of the story happened. I honestly can't imagine that time period actually being in my lifetime. The author touches on a bit of the hatred that surrounded the times and some of the events: JFK assassination, Martin Luther King Jr., Viet Nam war etc. Such major events in history while I was just a little girl. Lis Wiehl has written a page-turning snapshot of history, the legal system, and human greed and hatred all wrapped up into an entertaining mystery. If you have never read any of her books before I would highly recommend them.

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