Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Whole Guy Thing by Nancy Rue


Having received hundreds of inquiries from girls submitted to the popular "In Real Life" blog on her website,, the author and popular speaker gets down to the nitty-gritty regarding the most common questions young women pose about guys, tackling everything from How do I get a guy to notice me? to Should I just wait for the guy God has picked out?

In her signature conversational voice, Rue helps ease the concerns of girls (and their parents) and addresses many misconceptions that arise, like All guys expect you to have sex eventually. After all, as Rue writes in the book, "Just because guys are different, that doesn't mean they're impossible to understand."

Rue offers are a set of "guydlines" on how girls can approach guys and relationships while remaining true to their faith. Here are just a few from THE WHOLE GUY THING:

  • Be honest about your feelings. Do you want a guy to like you so you'll feel better about yourself? Or are there really some boys you'd like to get to know as people?
  • Make sure you know the difference between "romance" and "relationship."
  • Take stock of your current relationships with guys. Think about who's a friend, who's a crush, who's somebody you could see yourself with five or six years from now.
  •  Take an honest, serous look at your relationship with God. Do you feel close to God? Do you talk to God and sense his divine presence?
Relatable, fun, and sincere, THE WHOLE GUY THING is the perfect handbook for teenage girls. It is written to help them form healthy relationships built on love, honesty, and devotion to God. Rue, author of more than 100 books for girls, proves once again with this book why legions of teenagers have turned to her for dependable guidance on how to celebrate being a young woman of God.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nancy Rue is the author of 110 books, including 17 for teens and 60 for tween readers, as well as 2 parenting books and 32 non-fiction books for tweens and teens. She's also the editor of Faithgirlz! Bible. Her ability to relate to a wide audience has made her a popular radio and television guest and an in-demand speaker and teacher for writer's conferences across the country. She has been a regular keynoter for "The Young Writer's Institute" and Virtuous Reality Ministries, and now anchors Zondervan's "Beauty of Believing Tour" for Faithgirlz, which draws thousands of tween girls and their moms. Nancy is also the founder of the "Writing for Children and Youth Conference" in Colorado. Her latest titles include her Christy award-winning Motorcycles, Sushi & One Strange Book for teens, her bestselling Lily series, which has sold over one million copies, and That Is SO Me, a year-long devotional for tweens. She and her husband have raised a daughter of their own and live near Nashville, Tennessee.


Filled with great advice for young girls about how to behave around boys and how to have a better understanding of the opposite sex. Each chapter has an evaluation quiz, a section on how to apply what was learned in the chapter, what God says in His Word about the subject being discussed, and tips on discussing the topic with parents. As a parent I especially appreciate that the author always pointed out that the parent is the final authority and deserves respect and obedience, but also gave practical scenario's on how to broach a tough subject in a rational and non-confrontational/rebellious way. I think that the advice offered in each chapter was very practical and offers great insight into the relationships between boys and girls.

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