Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Against All Odds by Irene Hannon (Kindle)

Monica and her father are estranged. Her father gave up his family for his country. Now his job has put Monica in jeopardy. Terrorists have kidnapped 3 American citizens. They have now threatened to kidnap Monica if her father does not give in to their demands.

Mark and his partner Evan Cooper(Coop) are sent to protect Monica. They are part of the FBI's HRT(Hostage Rescue Team). Monica thinks that everyone is overreacting and refuses to go to a safe house. She agrees to let Mark and Coop protect her in her home, but doesn't see the need to disappear. Unfortunately these terrorists are serious about their need for revenge on both her father and on the United States.

Coop and Monica have an instant attraction towards each other. Coop is a man of few words though. Monica has written a book entitled "Talk the Walk" stating that words are necessary in relationships.  Monica has a faith in God that Coop does not understand or think is logical. But he is soon to learn that faith may be all that he can trust in when Monica's life is thrown into even more danger.

I liked the action of this book. The story was suspenseful and entertaining. I thought that the issues of faith were portrayed very weakly though. I appreciate a spine-tingling story without all of the cursing and sex that you find in mainstream fiction. I look forward to reading Irene Hannon's next two books in this Heroes of Quantico series.


  1. Was this a kindle freebie not too long ago? I should check it out. Sounds interesting.

  2. Yes Joy, this was a freebie on kindle. There are 2 more in the series so far.

  3. Hi, Julie. Thanks for the nice review. There are two more books in the Heroes of Quantico series--An Eye For An Eye and In Harm's Way. And I've just launched a brand new series--Guardians of Justice--with Fatal Judgment. There are excerpts of all of them on my website, www.irenehannon.com. Hope you have time to sample a few more!

  4. I have the other 2 in the Heroe's of Quantico series. I saw that a new series was coming out and am excited to get that too! I can't wait to read them!