Saturday, September 11, 2010

Heist Society by Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop comes from a long line of professional thieves. But she has decided to get out of the "business". She cons her way into a private school to become a normal student. Unfortunately some of her family and friends have different ideas for her. They get her kicked out.

When her father is accused of stealing a private collection of paintings Kat is forced unwillingly back into the business. She is sure that the paintings were not stolen by her father but the owner is convinced otherwise. He threatens to harm her father and her friends if she does not return the paintings to him within 2 weeks.

Kat finds the paintings. The only problem is they are hidden behind paintings in an art museum that is virtually impossible to break into. Kat assembles a crew of her closest friends and family members to help her come up with a plan to save her father and get the paintings back to their rightful owners.

This reminded me a bit of the Ocean's Eleven movie series. Lots of twists and turns and back-stories. I enjoyed it very much and especially liked the ending. The copy of the book that I read was an ARC copy so am not sure if there were any revisions made to the copy that is now out in stores. The author did leave the ending open for a sequel.

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