Monday, September 6, 2010

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer

Vlad enters tenth grade this year. Unfortunately his uncle Otis has to leave again. He is running from the council and trying to find a "ritual" that could supposedly take away the powers of the Pravus and transfer them to the person performing the ritual.

Everything seems to start going bad for Vlad. He is once again being stalked by someone that wants to kill him. Eddie Poe is still lurking behind every corner taking pictures and stalking him, sure to find some way to prove that Vlad is a vampire. Henry no longer wants to be his drudge. Vlad's appetite is increasing. He cannot seem to connect with Otis telepathically. And he is having very vivid nightmares of being strapped to a table and being tortured.

Vlad has sworn to never "drink from the source" but one night in a dark alley he slips and tries it for the first time. It satisfies his thirst like nothing ever has before. Will he be able to go back to drinking Nelly's "snack paks" or have his feeding habits been changed forever?

I am hooked on finding out how Vlad's story ends, but I had some issues with this book. Vlad seems to be overly sensitive in this book. He cries continuously. I mean seriously! It seemed like every chapter he was wiping his tears or welling up with tears or getting choked up with tears, or his face streaming with tears. It was a bit nauseating for me! I truly wanted to say, "BUCK UP you sissy!" I'm all for guys getting teary, but I think it was overly done in this instance. Yes, Vlad is sensitive, but the author has risked making him seem like a 10 year old boy rather than a 15 year old almost man.

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