Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Geekerella by Ashley Poston

If you are a fan of fairytale retelling's then this is definitely a book for you! I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Danielle lives with her step-mother and step-sisters. She works in a vegetarian food truck with Sage, a girl she barely talks to while at work. "Elle" writes a blog that criticizes the new actor portaying Starfield's new Prince Carmindor.

Darien Freeman is less than thrilled when his manager father signs him up to go to Excelsicon. Before he took the role as Prince Carmindor Darien was thrilled to attend the Excelsicon, but now with fans criticizing his ability to play their beloved Prince, Darien has no desire to go.

Danielle hasn't attended the con for years. Her father started the con and their would be too many memories of her parents if she attended. But this year Danielle is not only wanting to attend the con, she is also wanting to enter the Cosplay contest to win and attend the Cosplay Ball.  Maybe if she wins this will give Elle the chance she needs to get away from her overbearing step-mother and sisters.

I love fairytale retellings and really enjoyed Geekerella! I loved the characters in Geekerella. Elle's nerdishness was entertaining and the way she was treated by her steps had me wanting to climb through the pages to defend her. I loved Sage. She managed to worm her way into Elle's affections even though Elle had cut herself off from any relationships. Then there is Elle's texting buddy. I love that they were able to be there for each other even though they kept their true identities secret until the con. In typical Cinderella fashion everything doesn't work out as planned, but there is a Prince Charming and definitely a Happily Ever After to this story. I enjoyed it very much.

**Warning: There is some mild language in this book that may offend some readers**


  1. I recently ordered this one because a. It looks adorable! and b. It sounds cute. Plus, who doesn't love a good contemporary re-telling?? Especially one with a fan girl character.

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Rissi! And I'm with you, who doesn't love a good contemporary re-telling? I love them!