Sunday, April 30, 2017

Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills

Special agent Tori Templeton is called to a close friends house to investigate the murder of the woman's husband. Tori's partner Max is less than professional when questioning the family and Tori is furious with him. Max has cancer and Tori has had enough of cancer in her life. Years before her brother lost his battle of cancer and more recently her mother has battled breast cancer. Tori is petrified that she or someone else close to her will be next. Tori promised her brother before he died that she would search out and find her faith in God. Tori has been attending church, but she can't justify a God who allows sickness to take people away. God keeps putting people in Tori's life to show her His love for her.

Cole Jeffers was best friends with the man murdered. Cole currently has a thriving landscape business but his heart lies with his career as a US Marshal. Cole is on a leave of absence but is willing to step back into his role as US Marshal when his friend is murdered.

Tori, Cole and Max are on the task force to find out who the murderer is. As they begin to investigate they find that the man they knew was not the man they thought he was. The more suspects they come across, the more danger their own lives are in. Can they find the madman set on ending their lives as well?

I was hooked on DEEP EXTRACTION from the very beginning! The mystery was great, the suspense was thrilling and the romance was sweet. The story moved quickly and was very exciting. There were so many layers and so many suspects! I loved the personal stories of the main characters. Max's struggle with cancer, his anger and crustiness, Cole's faith but also struggle to forgive and Tori's honest desire to find faith but yet having serious doubts. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole story!

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