Monday, April 17, 2017

Alexander and the Amazing Wide-Awake by Holly Schindler

Alexander is known throughout his school as an amazing inventor. He's created several wonderful inventions that make his fellow students school life easier. His newest invention is a desk-sifter. It helps his classmates clean out and organize their desks. But Alexander has a secret. He has help coming up with his invention ideas! So what happens when Alexander is asked to come up with an invention to help his sockball team win the championship and Alexander's secret weapon no longer works?

I think we all remember those pre-middle school years where we are trying to fit in and find our identity among our fellow students. Alexander thinks his identity/talent is lost. I love how one of his fellow students helps him find his way again. This story is lightly illustrated to help those reluctant readers identify with what is happening in the story. I love the discussion questions at the end of the book! I think this would be a perfect book club or reading group book for an elementary classroom. I'll be passing this one on to my grandkids knowing that they will enjoy it as much as I did!

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