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Seven Brides For Seven Texans by various authors

The Setup:

GW Hart gives his 7 sons the ultimatum of marry within the year or lose your inheritance. Each brothers story is written by a different author.

FIRST COMES LOVE by Gabrielle Meyer:

Hays Hart is the youngest of the Hart brothers and he is determined to be the first to wed following his fathers ultimatum. Hays decides that he will put up posters asking for women to apply to be his wife. When Emma Longley the new school teacher catches him hanging one of his posters outside of the church she is highly offended. Hays has always tried to make people happy and Emma is no exception. When Hays finds out that Emma wants to build a schoolhouse he's happy to jump right in and help her. Working with Hays, Emma grows more and more attracted to him, but she mustn't allow that to happen because she is determined to move back to her home in Minnesota sure that God is calling her to teach among the Ojibwe Indians. Besides, how can she be sure Hays isn't attracted to her just to get a wife so he can get his inheritance?

I loved this beginning to the Hart brothers finding wives! I've never read any books by this author, but I was immediately drawn into her story and was quite pleased with how Hays's story turned out. I loved Hays's character. He was funny and yet he was serious in his goal to find a wife. He went after what he wanted. I liked that about him. I liked how sassy Emma was, she won't be pushed around by Hays that for sure! Great story!

THE HEART OF TEXAS by Lorna Seilstad

This is the story of Texas Ranger Chisholm Hart, the next youngest of the Hart brothers. When Chisholm and his partner Whit arrive to investigate cattle rustling they come upon Caro Cardova being overtaken by a group of men attempting to hang her cousin for the cattle rustling. Caro swears that Ricardo is innocent and Chisholm and Whit end up staying at the ranch that Caro and her mother work at. Caro is a spit-fire that captures Chisholms attention immediately. With her quick tongue and feisty behavior it isn't long before Chisholm is quite attracted to Caro. But Caro swears she will have nothing to do with a man who puts duty above those he loves like her father did. And Chisholm is all about his duty as a Ranger.

What a fun story! I loved how feisty Caro was. Yes, she did frustrate at points with not listening or heeding warnings, but that is what endeared her to Chisholm so I forgave her. ha! There was a touch of suspense throughout the story as well as some humor that kept me thoroughly entertained. Another Hart brother has found his match!

THE TRUEST HEART by Amanda Barratt

Years ago Annie Parker's father made her marry a man she did not love. Now a widow and wishing to give her 9 year old son a better upbringing Annie moves back to Hartville. Annie is now a midwife ready to serve in the community, but not ready to meet doctor Travis Hart, the man she has always loved, but the man she can never have.

Travis Hart knew when his father issued his edict that he must marry within a year in order to receive his inheritance that he would probably not get his. There was only one woman that Travis ever loved, and that woman was Annie Parker. Now that Annie is back in Hartville does Travis have a chance to win her heart?

Travis and Annie make a good team. I was definitely not a fan of Annie's father, and wanted to reach through the pages and give him a swift kick to the backside! Loved the way that Travis was with Annie's son Robbie. This is number 3 of the Hart brothers, will the rest find their matches?


Houston Hart has returned from California to prove to his father that he can be a cattle rancher like his brothers. Houston left years ago, leaving family and his love Coralee behind. Coralee broke his heart then and Houston has no intention of letting it happen again.

Coralee couldn't possibly leave with Houston years ago, but he didn't even give her a chance to explain why so she has no interest in renewing her relationship with him. Coralee has been happy with her life so she is definitely not interested in Houston being home again.

Awww, poor Houston and Coralee! Both so determined to ignore each other and be just friends, but their hearts have different ideas. I enjoyed this Hart brothers story very much. This couple really complement each other well. They are both very caring and love their families. I loved the way Houston stepped in to help Coralee's brother with their ranch and the way he was so caring to Coralee's father. I also loved that after Houston left the first time that Coralee didn't just whither up and fade away, but she became a part of the community and showed her love for people even in the midst of caring for her father. Another sweet story and another Hart brother to the alter! Three more to go!

FOR LOVE OR MONEY by Susan Page Davis

When Crockett Hart finds their neighbors house on fire he immediately jumps in to help put out the fire. Crockett has always liked his neighbor Jane, but her father is a drunk who has let their ranch sink into disarray. Jane and her brother have tried their best to keep up, but now with the fire they have nothing. Crockett enlists the help of his brothers and other neighbors to help Jane and her family rebuild. With his father's edict hanging over his head even though Crockett knows he must marry soon is he willing to let himself fall for Jane and all of her troubles?

I liked Crockett's care for his neighbors, and his willingness to rally everyone to help the Haymaker's get their home rebuilt. I also liked Jane's character. Even though she and Ben had a lazy father they somehow had developed a moral character that he didn't teach them. I did think that there was a giant leap from the normal concern for a neighbor to the hey, I think I love you, let's get married ending. I wish there had been a bit more character development along with some more romantic scenes between Crockett and Jane. That being said, I am happy to see another Hart boy happily paired up with his lady-love...Two more to go and only a couple of months left to fulfill the edict. Who's next?

MAIL-ORDER MAYHEM by Vickie McDonough

Austin Hart is running out of time to meet his father's edict of marrying in one year. He's come up with a plan to meet that deadline. Austin has sent for a mail-order bride.

Rebekah and her sister Jenny are soon to be penniless and homeless. The only way Rebekah sees out of their predicament is to marry. Rebekah's fiance refuses to allow Jenny to live with them so the only thing that Rebekah sees to do is for Jenny to marry Austin Hart. The problem is that Jenny is not ready to marry and Rebekah is already spoken for. Will Austin have to start all over again to find a wife?

I love mail-order bride stories and found MAIL-ORDER MAYHEM to be quite entertaining. I really like Austin's character and was hoping for he and Rebekah to realize that they were meant for each other. Only one Hart brother left, will Bowie find his perfect mate before the year is up?

LOVE AT LAST by Erica Vetsch

Bowie Hart is the last Hart brother left to fulfill his father's edict to marry in a year in order to receive his inheritance. Bowie knows that no woman around Hartville would ever consent to marry him, a broken and scarred replica of humanity. But Bowie has never forgotten his nurse during the war, the only person who never cringed at the sight of his wounds. Bowie sets off to find her and hope that she will consent to be his wife, at least on paper.

Awwwww, Bowie! I absolutely loved this last Hart brothers story! Bowie is such a wounded soul, and Elise is his perfect match. Both starving for affection, one so ready and willing to give and the other so wounded he pushes people away. I loved how Elise managed to break down Bowie's defenses and show him he wasn't the monster he thought he was. Excellent ending to the Hart brothers stories!

The Wrap Up:

What a fun read! I totally loved the whole book and looked forward to each brother's story. Each author did a great job in portraying their brother and gave each brother a unique character. I was attached to some brothers more than others, but I enjoyed all of them. The ending of the story had me crying happy tears for all of the brothers, and left me satisfied that they all were going to live their Happily Ever After lives with their special brides.

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