Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Her Motherhood Wish by Keli Gwyn

Callie Hunt and Chip Evans are on their way to the Double T Orphanage run by Tess and Spencer. Callie is hoping for a job at the Double T and Chip is on his way to make some furniture for a new dorm that the orphanage is adding. On the way they find Ruby and her brother Jasper who's father has just been taken by robbers. Fearing for their father's life Chip goes to find him. The news he brings back is not good and what is worse, the robbers didn't get what they were looking for so now the children's lives are in danger as well.

As Callie and Chip grow to care for Ruby and Jasper they also grow to care for each other. Unfortunately Callie doesn't fit into The Plan that Chip has mapped out for his life. In The Plan Chip doesn't plan to court for another 3 years. So he and Callie can only remain friends. But in Chips dreams Callie fits the perfect wife for him, if only they hadn't met before he was ready. Callie is quickly learning to see that Chip is a wonderful man and would make a wonderful husband and father. Callie realizes though that Chip is very set on The Plan and that his plan leaves no room for Callie or the children that Callie has quickly fallen in love with.

I really enjoyed Her Motherhood Wish. I loved that there was some suspense added to the story! I've seen several other people comment that they would like to have smacked Chip upside the head, add me to the group! Oh my goodness was he thick-headed! Such a good man and so thoughtful and caring towards others, very protective even, but that blasted plan of his was going to be the end of me! I loved catching up with Tess and Spencer from Family Of Her Dreams and I definitely loved Chip and Callie. If you haven't ever read a Love Inspired Historical before I highly recommend them.

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