Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moving Target by Lynette Eason

Maddy has stood by Quinn through all of his rehabilitation even though he was a hard patient to be around. Quinn was there for Maddy when someone cut her throat and she almost lost her life. Now they are both running for their lives after a madman kidnaps them and places them on an Island to hunt them. But Quinn and Maddy refuse to be victims and they are determined to find the person responsible and put them away. Not only are they fighting for their lives, but they are fighting for their relationship. Both have family issues to deal with that keep them from pursuing a more personal relationship. But being in danger and having those they love threatened brings them closer together and willing to work through emotions they would rather stifle.

Moving Target was exciting from the beginning to the very end! Fast-paced and suspenseful, it kept me staying up late to finish it and find out who was behind the games. I loved Quinn and Maddy together. I especially love the Elite Guardian team. They are some strong women! I also have to say that I love love love the covers of the Elite Guardian series. Back to Quinn and Maddy's story...the beginning did have me wondering about a Hunger Games theme, but the feeling quickly went away and I was pleasantly surprised by the direction the story went. Woven throughout the story was Quinn and Maddy's personal relationship. Not just between them, but also with their family members. It made them much more personable and showed a more vulnerable side to both which makes them seem more real. I enjoyed Moving Target very much and am looking forward to the next installment of the Elite Guardian series.

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