Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Candidate by Lis Wiehl with Sebastian Stuart

Erica Sparks is still working for GNN. Her ratings are doing well and now she is set to cover the next presidential election. Mike Ortiz was a former prisoner of war in Iraq who miraculously escaped his captors. Now Mike is one of the presidential hopefuls. Erica always seems to be in the perfect spot to catch the latest headlines. When one of the other candidates and his wife are killed in a bombing, Erica witnesses it firsthand. In the midst of her investigation Erica gets an inkling that there is something mechanical and fake about Mike and his wife Celeste. Once more Erica's life is put on the line for her job, will she be able to prove her fears or, die trying?

The Candidate is the second book in the Newsmakers series. For the most part I enjoyed this book. The plot kept me turning the pages. I did get frustrated with some of the characters. Erica and her daughter Jenny's relationship is pretty dysfunctional and Erica and her fiance' Greg are currently in a long-distance relationship that is testing their commitment to each other. I had to laugh at some of the cliche's such as, "Erica half wishes she could blow off this popsicle stand..." that were sprinkled throughout the book. Like I said, the plot kept me turning the pages to see how everything would turn out. I'll be looking forward to seeing what trouble Erica lands herself in next.

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