Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Plainly Murder by Isabella Alan aka Amanda Flower

In this novella we are introduced to Angie and her aunt Eleanor. Angie used to come to the Amish community that her aunt lives in years before when she was a child. Now Angie is grown up and engaged to be married. Aunt Eleanor is ill and Angie has come to see her. When Eleanor's quilting group gather together talk turns to the recent death of one of their friends. Evelyn has commissioned Eleanor to deliver a quilt to another woman and to find out what happened to Evelyn's son many years before. Evelyn's son fell off the roof of a barn during a barn raising. Evelyn always said that it was murder, but there was never any investigation since bringing in the police is not the Amish way. Volunteering to deliver the quilt for her aunt, Angie makes it her mission to find out exactly what happened all of those years before.

Now THIS is the book I should have started reading the series at! It introduces all of the main characters of the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries. Angie has a curiosity streak, not to mention a stubborness, that makes her the perfect person to solve all of the crimes that she becomes involved in once she moves to Holmes County. I thought this was a perfect introduction to the characters and if I hadn't already read all of the other books in the series I would definitely be grabbing them up. I think Oliver's character really shone in this novella! He was too cute, and I could totally picture him in his little sweaters and red boots!

As always Isabella Alan(aka Amanda Flower) inserts humor into her writing and I always look forward to seeing what her next character will do.

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