Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Top 15 of 2015

TOP 15 OF 2015

I always enjoy getting my top reads of the year post ready! I especially enjoy that I get to add one more book each year! I didn't finish my Goodreads reading goal this year unfortunately. I got caught up in making Christmas gifts and ran out of time for reading. The books that I did read were good and as always I have a very eclectic list of reads for the year. So, here are my top 15. Have you read any of them?


Because I have a hard time picking just one in a series I went with two for my #15 slot. I loved this series since I am a mashup fan! Mix the Star Wars series with Shakespeare and you have a perfect combination. If you haven't read them, check them out!  


I fell in love with the characters in this series! The final book in the series comes out in June 2016. I can't wait to see what happens, but I will definitely miss Holmes County and all of the people and animals that reside there.  


It is no secret that I love romantic suspense! Lynette Eason is an expert at combining the two. I look forward to reading anything she writes.


I pretty much enjoy anything that Lena Goldfinch writes. The Bartered Bride is the 3rd in the series. I loved reading about Jem's story.


This is the beginning of a new series. I thought it was pretty solid. I'm currently reading the 2nd one in the series and am looking forward to seeing where it goes.


The final book in the Alaskan Courage series. Loved it!


Susan Sleeman always starts her books with a bang! I've pretty much loved everything she has written and of course it is in my favorite genre of romantic suspense.


Another favorite author that I pretty much have to grab up any time she comes out with a new book. Loved this one!


If you like stories with serial killers and detectives then definitely check these out. I love the relationship between Patrick and his step-daughter Tess. I still need to finish this series out, but am waiting for the price to go down on The King.


A sweet little short story by one of my favorite bloggers!


This is the 2nd book in the series. I can't wait for the 3rd and final installment in this wonderful trilogy!


The long-awaited finale to the Lunar Chronicles. It was an epic read with over 800 pages! Took me forever to read it, but it was so worth it! Loved it!


Why yes, yes I did read the majority of this series this year! I read the first 2 in prior years, but then devoured the rest this year. I'm a total fan and can't wait for the next installment!


No list is complete without a Julie Lessman book! I absolutely loved the beginning of this new series! A book full of forgiveness and romance. Can't wait to see what the next one brings!


OH MY GOSH! This was absolutely my most favorite book of the series! Cazien, Erielle! Seriously?! How can you go wrong with pirates? I wrote in my review that I felt like I was in the middle of an Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean movie while I was reading this. Absolutely my favorite book of the year, full of adventure, romance, comedy and so much more! 

Well, there you have it! My top 15 of the year. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings! Hope you all have a very blessed year!


  1. Such a fun list, Julie! I'm flattered to see While You're Awake among these fab titles. :) Thank you so much for reading!!

    Of course, wonderful to see Lena's latest - you know I'm a fan of her writing, too! Winter made my favorites (definitely an epic read), and I have Karen Witemeyer's and Julie Lessman's books in TBR stacks (paperback for the first, ebook for the second). Looking forward to reading them sometime!

    Happy 2016, Julie!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Amber! Those two authors are definitely must reads, so put them at the top of your TBR stack ;) Happy 2016 to you as well! 2016?! What?!