Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Murder, Simply Stitched by Isabella Alan(AKA Amanda Flower)

Angie can't seem to help herself getting involved in her friends' problems. When a town council woman ends up dead with one of Angie's friends Rachel and Aaron's fry pies in her hand she has no choice but to investigate on her own to help her friends.

The council woman was opposed to Rachel and Aaron building a pie factory, therefore that gave them motive to murder her. Angie knows her Amish friends would never do such a thing so she starts asking questions to help the investigation along much to Sheriff Mitchell's dismay.

The sheriff and Angie are attracted to each other, but Mitchell is adamant that Angie stay out of police business. Of course Angie doesn't listen!

I love how Angie is fitting in to the community. She's a friend to the English and a friend to the Amish and she champions any of her friends. One of the other things I enjoy about the series is Angie's dog Oliver, cat Dodger and being introduced to Petunia the goat. Oliver is a character! It almost seems as if he truly does understand what Angie says to him. His character makes for many light-hearted scenes along with some laughable antics between the animal characters. Angie's character makes me alternate between admiration and exasperation! I admire her loyalty to friends and her willingness to help a friend out, but I get exasperated at her dogged determination to poke around where she's been told to stay out. But I think that is part of what makes her character likable too, she'll do whatever it takes to help out a friend, especially to clear them of murder! Murder, Simply Stitched kept me guessing the whole time as to who the murderer was, and I was totally surprised. Mitchell and Angie's relationship kicks off in this installment, and I have to say I'm a fan of that! Angie is expecting her parents and a tag-a-long for the Christmas holidays which look to be a bit complicated. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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