Friday, November 21, 2014

Prelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot

Alethea Sutherton is a 28 year old spinster. She has always bucked the social norms of the day for women. Where most refined women learn to play the pianoforte, Alethea's instrument of choice is a violin. Unheard of for a refined woman to play such an inappropriate instrument. Recently kicked out of her family home by a male heir, Alethea has moved to Bath, England to live with her aunt. While there she is accosted on the street by a man who insists he has a buyer for her prized violin. When someone breaks into her aunts home Alethea knows she must find help in finding out the origins of her violin. She turns to Lord Dommick.

Bayard is still recovering from the horrors of war, but is also faced with trying to save his reputation for the sake of his sister and mother. Challenged by one of the gentry to help Alethea find out about her violin, it isn't long before he is worried about the safety of his family and Alethea. Someone is definitely after the violin and will stop at nothing to procure it.

Alethea is headstrong and has a deep wariness for all men because of the treatment she received at the hands of her father and brother. Lord Dommick is being chased by demons from the war. Will they learn to trust each other with their hurts and find healing in the love of a Savior who promises to be with them always?

This is Camille Elliot's first Regency novel. I enjoyed it very much. It felt to me to have a gothic flare to it that I really enjoyed. As I've mentioned in previous posts I am a huge romance/suspense fan and found that Prelude for a Lord held those elements. I loved Dommick and Alethea's characters. It was fun to read as their care for each other grew through the story. They fit each other well in that Alethea was just the woman to help Dommick through his tormented dreams. The mystery of the violin and the thieves that wanted to get their hands on it kept the suspense building throughout the book. I also appreciate the element of faith that both characters develop throughout the story. If you are a fan of Regency romance then I definitely would recommend this be put on your list.

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