Thursday, November 20, 2014

The O'Malley series by Dee Henderson

Have you read this series? I have a confession...I've read it probably over 10 times through the years! Seriously, probably more! Yes, it is one of my favorite series EVER. And it never seems to get old for me. If you like romantic suspense novels then this is definitely the highest on my list of recommendations.


Danger in the Shadows is the prequel to the O'Malley series. It introduces Dave who is an FBI agent that heads up the protection detail of his sister. Sarah was kidnapped as a child and saw the kidnappers face. She has been in protection ever since. Periodically through the years the kidnapper manages to find her and sends her tokens that he kept from the kidnapping. When Adam comes into her life, Sarah once more makes an effort to remember the kidnappers face so that she can begin to have a more normal life.

THE NEGOTIATOR is Kate O'Malley's story. Kate is a negotiator. When a bank robbery in progress brings Kate in to do her job she encounters Dave who managed to hide when the robber took over the bank. When Kate's past moves in to haunt her she and Dave are thrown together to help piece together part of Kate's past that she would rather forget.

THE GUARDIAN is Marcus O'Malley's story. Marcus is a U.S Marshall. When a judge in his protection is killed Marcus must help to keep Sherri, an eyewitness to the murder, safe.

THE TRUTH SEEKER is Lisa O'Malley's story. Lisa is a forensic pathologist(Bones anyone?).  Quinn Diamond is Marcus' partner who has a mystery in his past that he has spent over 20 years trying to solve. When Lisa is hurt and put in charge of trying to help solve cold cases their mysteries seem to collide. Both are ready to put their pasts behind them, but before that can happen they need to solve the mystery of who killed Quinn's father and why.

THE PROTECTOR is Jack O'Malley's story. Jack is a firefighter. When budget cuts cause several fire departments to close their doors an arsonist takes matters into his own hands to try and draw the public's attention to the need for those jobs to be reinstated. Cassie used to be a firefighter but a fire that caused her to almost lose her life has put her on the sidelines. She is now ready to get back to work to help find who the arsonist is, but will Jack's desire to protect her keep her from doing her job?

THE HEALER is Rachel O'Malley's story. Rachel is a councilor for the Red Cross. She goes in when disasters happen and helps people put their lives back together. Two disasters are about to happen in the O'Malley's hometown. A flood and a school shooting has everyone reeling and Rachel finds herself running out of energy to help those who are hurting. The O'Malley's are also struggling with the imminent death of the baby of the family. Jennifer is about to lose her battle with cancer and that will have a devastating affect on all of the O'Malley's.

THE RESCUER is about Stephen, the last O'Malley to have a story. Stephen is a burnt out EMT who is running away from all that he knows in the wake of Jennifer's death. Stephen needs time to heal. He is also the last O'Malley holdout to become a Christian. Jennifer's dying wish was to see all of her brother's and sisters come to know Christ. Stephen doesn't want to let anyone down, but he cannot see Jesus as being a friend. Longtime childhood friend Meghan lives in Silverton. When family news brings Stephen back to the family Meghan is one of his friends that he looks up. Blinded in an accident several years before Meghan's faith has never wavered. When Meghan is put in charge of liquidating a friends jewelry store she finds that not everything was on the up and up with his business. Someone is determined to find the jewels that Neill has hidden throughout the years. This puts Meghan in danger once more.

I didn't read JENNIFER this time around, but I did like it the first time I read it. It is a novella and tells Jennifer's story of how she came to Christ and how finding out she had cancer affected her.

So there you have it. A small synopsis of all of the O'Malley's. Seven orphans who weren't born into the same family but chose each other to form a family of their own. Their love and loyalty to one another is closer than blood. One of the things I like most about these books is the element of faith. Each book gives a clear gospel presentation and shows the main character struggling with what a life surrendered to Christ would really mean for them. I've bought several sets of this series throughout the years for different family and friends and they quickly become favorites to all. Try'll like them ;)

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