Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tributary by Lisa T. Bergren

It has been a year since the last huge battle between Siena and Firenze. There have been some minor skirmishes, but no epic battles. Things have settled down and the She-Wolves have put away their weapons. Evangelia doesn’t know if she will ever be able to pick up a bow and arrow again. She has had enough of killing. 

Tension is just under the surface between Siena and Firenze and it is escalated when Alessandra, while out on a hunting trip, crosses the line and has an accident. Taken to the Castello Forelli for Lady Betarrini to nurse back to health, Alessandra’s father is very displeased. Marcello pledges his life to keep Alessandra safe while at Castello Forelli but nobody takes into account how much Alessandra does not want to be there. Coming face to face with the traitor Lord Greco, Alessandra waits for the opportune moment to escape Forelli land. 

Tributary once again follows the She-Wolves of Siena, but mainly through Lia’s eyes. Alternating points of view throughout this novella, Tributary focuses more on Lia and Luca’s growing love for one another and Rodolfo Greco’s continued guilt for being a traitor to his country and his difficulty in getting over his love for Gabi. 

Once again I was not disappointed in a River of Time novel. Slightly longer than Bourne, Tributary has all of the excitement and romance that we have come to associate with the Betarrini sisters. If you have not read The River of Time series yet it is a must! 

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  1. Thanks so much for the TRIB review, Julie!

  2. I had no idea Lisa had a fourth Waterfall book out...I'm really out of the loop. Is this the end of the series, or is there more coming?

    1. I think that this was the end Joy. The River Tribe would love for Lisa to write more but the publisher wouldn't sign her for anymore after Torrent and so she had to self-publish two e-books. After Torrent comes Bourne and then Tributary. They are novella's that are sold only in e-book form so far. Lisa is working on getting them combined into a book that we can purchase also since I think her fans love the covers so much.