Monday, February 27, 2012

Bourne River of Time Series 3.1 by Lisa T. Bergren

Bourne takes place right after the last battle in Torrent. Many have died in the battle and there are many injured at the Castello Forelli. Gabi must put in an appearance to all of the injured since she is now lady of the Castello. She and her family must do their best to stitch and bandage up all of the injured. They must also see to the proper burial of all those who lost their lives for the Forelli family.

Just when they think that there will be peace in the land a band of mercenaries is going around seeking revenge on the brotherhood. Already two castles have been attacked. Gabi, Lia, Luca and Rodolfo must warn the other brothers of what is coming. Once again the She-Wolves have been placed in peril. Will they be able to reach Luca’s family in time to save them?

Bourne is the first of three e- novella’s that will be published this year. Bourne didn’t lack any of the excitement that the full length novels carried. I was once again transported to 14th century Tuscany with the hunky knights Marcello, Luca and Greco. Bourne explores Lia and Luca’s relationship a bit more and also delves a little into how Lord Greco is dealing with his guilt about betraying his country. I feel so bad for Lord Greco! He needs to find a woman who will love him and whom he can love in return. He has so much passion to give and he really is a good guy, I hope that love is in his future! I’m looking forward to the next installments of The River of Time series. I can’t get enough!!

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This series was my number one pick for 2011. A must read!

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