Saturday, July 29, 2017

Winning Over The Cowboy by Shannon Taylor Vannatter

Landry's dream has always been to own her own dude ranch. By no means did she hope to gain that dude ranch through her best friends death. According to Eden's will Landry and Eden's brother Chase are now co-owners of the dude ranch and must find a way to work together. The only problem is that neither trusts the other. Landry has just been dumped at the alter by her fiance so she cannot afford to trust another man in her life and Chase thinks that Landry is just a gold digging usurper bent on stealing his family inheritance away from him. Chase comes up with a plan to get Landry to sell him her half of the ranch, but will it backfire on him?

Awww, I really enjoyed Landry and Chase's characters. They were both rather adorable and of course meant for each other. I did get frustrated at their assumptions about each other. It seemed that they would take a step forward in their relationship and then two steps back, but they eventually got there. I loved the whole concept of the dude ranch and the way that Landry and Chase managed to work together to promote their different areas of interest. The spiritual aspect of the story was light with mentions of going to church and a need for trust, but not overly preachy. A sweet story with likable characters.

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