Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gone To Green by Judy Christie

Lois Barker works for a big-city newspaper. Lois is in her 30's and never been married. Busy with her job she doesn't have time for anything else. When a co-worker dies he leaves her his newspaper he just purchased in Green, Louisiana. Moving to Green, Lois gives herself one year to get the newspaper ready to sell. Slowly Lois settles in to small town life. She develops friendships like she has never had before. She becomes involved in community efforts and she manages to tick off some of the big wigs around town. As much as Lois has come to love Green when her year is up she is ready and willing to sell, or is she?

I thought GONE TO GREEN was a fun read! I enjoyed Lois's character a lot and I also enjoyed some of the friends she made in Green. Lois's energy exhausted even me and I was just reading about it! ha! She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Of course the ending is fairly predictable, but I think everyone that reads the book will know that Lois ends up staying in Green. I'm looking forward to seeing what relationships develop and what other causes Lois can stir up in this tiny little town.

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