Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Blessings of Friendship by Mary Engelbreit

This is a beautiful hardback book filled with lovely verses and poems and other writings on friendship. The best thing about it though is the wonderful pictures! I love the way the children are illustrated and the old-time innocence that each picture has about it. While the illustrations are creative and beautiful and detailed I don't think that the average child would sit down and have the patience to have this book read to them. I sat down with two of my grandchildren and they had me flip through the book and look at the pictures but they weren't interested in being read to. I think that the writing touches the adult heart much more than it would a young child. A beautifully illustrated book that touches the adult heart with the words and reminders of friendship and has the illustrations capturing a child's eye. This is going in my home library!


  1. Sounds lovely. Books like this make me want to do terrible things like rip out pages and frame them. ;)

    1. I know right Juju?! They are frame-worthy for sure!