Tuesday, July 15, 2014

World of Trouble: The Last Policeman Book III by Ben H. Winters

About the book:

The final book in the Last Policeman trilogy. Only 14 more days until the asteroid hits the earth and destroys it. Hank Palace is on the road to find his sister Nico. Nico is with a group of people who believe that the asteroid can be destroyed. Hank has always taken care of his little sister and he knows that Nico is wrong. He is determined to find her before the end comes. When he arrives in a small town in Ohio he finds the last place that Nico was seen. Coming upon a nasty attempt at murder Hank finds a young girl in the woods with her throat cut. He knows that if he can save her life he can find out answers to where Nico is and what has happened. He will stop at nothing to gain the answers he needs, but time is running out for everyone.

My Thoughts:

Poor Hank! I think in this situation he is the last human on earth with any sense of justice. If the earth would survive this asteroid hit he would make an excellent detective. He has determination, a sense of right and wrong, and a desire to glean answers no matter what the cost to himself. I like Hank! I like his focus in the midst of chaos. I like his loyalty to Nico his only family member left. I like his quirkiness in keeping copious notes in his little notebooks. And I like his dog Houdini!

I enjoyed this final book in the series. Even though there is an asteroid coming to destroy the earth the story doesn't revolve around that asteroid. It mainly centers around Hank's investigation into where his sister is and other relationships that happen along the way. There are some interesting characters that Hank meets along his journey and the wrap-up of what happens to Nico and the group that she is with provides an exciting ending to the story. If you like end-of-the-world type stories then I think this series is a "must add" to your collection.

*Warning* Language alert!  This book contains language that may offend some readers.


The Last Policeman
Countdown City

Thanks to the publisher QuirkBooks for my copy of WORLD OF TROUBLE for review. All opinions are my own.


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