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Fall of Night and Daylighters by Rachel Caine

Claire has decided to continue her education at MIT. Leaving all of her friends is hard enough, but having to leave Shane behind is even harder than she thought. Claire needs the separation in order to find her own way outside of Morganville for a while. 

Moving into an apartment with an old friend from high school and getting into the atmosphere of MIT helps Claire to start to fit in. Having brought her new invention that alters vampire’s behavior Claire and her new professor begin tearing it apart and cataloging all of the components.

Of course not all is well at MIT. Morganville has a way of keeping tabs on their people. It isn’t long before all heck breaks out Morganville style! Claire and her friends once again are battling for their lives, but this time they aren’t fighting against the vampires, but fighting for them. 

Betrayal and heartache all gearing up for the final battle between humans and vampires with Claire and friends caught in the middle.

As always a Morganville Vampire book that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. I enjoyed the fact that it was set outside of Morganville and that Claire was able to stretch her wings just a little. But I wasn’t as naive as Claire in that I realized that Morganville would follow her! I am happy to say that Shane and Claire are still together. They have a rocky relationship going because of Shane’s behavior in the last book, but thankfully the author hasn’t chosen to break them up permanently. I’m looking forward to the last book in the series The Daylighters. They were introduced in this book, and I am afraid they are going to wreak havoc before the final pages are turned. 

WARNING: minimal strong language and a sex scene were present in this installment.

Finally! The last book of the Morganville Vampires! While each book tended to get better and better I am a fan of a series having an ending. After 16 books it was definitely time for us to leave Morganville. And in true Morganville style the last book was filled with plenty of excitement and danger before ultimately finishing with what I will call a satisfying ending. 

THINGS I LIKED (warning: may have some spoilers):

Claire and Shane are still together. Eve and Michael are still together. Seriously I think I would have thrown the book away if either of those couples broke up! While the excitement kept me on the edge of my seat it is another thing that kept me interested in the Morganville books. Rachel Caine knows how to keep the reader turning the pages. Best of all the author returned to her original way of writing the stories by not deviating to different characters POV. I loved that! This last book reminded me of what made me love the series in the first place. 


Seriously I was not happy with the whole Shane and others turning into human/hellhound evil creatures. They reminded me of a cross between a genetically created wolf in Marissa Meyer’s book Scarlet and The Incredible Hulk. While I realize that vampires are not real the whole hellhound thing kind of was over the top. While I found the ending satisfying I also found that it was once again left open for another book. Rachel Caine does tell us to use our own imagination for the future of our favorite characters, but yeah, just a bit open for me.

So good-bye to Morganville! Thanks for all of the emotional roller coasters you put me through and thank-you for some of my most favorite characters: Claire, Shane, Eve, Michael, Amelie, Oliver, and my most favorite Myrnin. You all will be missed!

My rating for both books:

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While I have read ALL of the books in the series I started reading them before I kept a blog. So not all of them were reviewed by me. I can tell you though that I gave most of them 5 hearts! 

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