Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge Activity #9

Your Book in Pictures: The goal is to illustrate a book you are reading or have just read by using the internet to find pictures and text to explain:

I just finished Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare:

Tessa Gray leaves her home in New York to meet her brother in London.

Two evil sisters pick her up at the dock with a letter written by her brother saying that he sent them. She is taught by them to change into something/someone she never knew she was.

She is rescued by Will and taken to the Institute

Her brother is being held captive and they go to rescue him from the Vampire's

They find that the evil Magister has created an army of machines to help him take out the Shadowhunters so that he can rule the Downworld. Will the Shadowhunters win the coming war or will the strange new machines created by the Magister win?


  1. You did great with your pictures. Awesome!

  2. I just finished this book. I love the pictures you chose--Definitely Victorian London! And, your little "automaton" made me chuckle!

  3. Interesting. I'm not sure whether or not I want to read this book, but I am anjoying the Mortal Instruments trilogy. The cover of the book IS gorgeous though...

  4. Wow, this told me more about this book than any blurb! Great job!

  5. You did a great job with this, I love your pictures
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