Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Know Where Don't Know When by Annette Laing

Hannah, Alex and Brandon find themselves back in time in war-torn England. It is World War II and the children are being sent to live with families in the country to escape bombs falling on the cities. Shortly after arriving in 1940 Brandon disappears to England 1915! This time the setting of World War I.

The young people are sent back in time to find whatever happened to George Braithwaite. Hannah and Alex find themselves living with Mrs. Devenish, her grand-daughter Verity and Mrs. D's evacuee Eric. Brandon becomes apprenticed to a dentist named Mr. Gordon in 1915.

Hannah has the most difficult time adjusting to the time period and what their purpose for being there is. She has a huge attitude that needs adjusting!

Throughout the story the kids learn some history about WWI and WWII but mostly they learn about George Braithwaite and what happened to him and why they were sent to the past to help.

I enjoyed the story very much. I became attached to the characters. I think that Hannah still ended up being self-centered and selfish. But I also think that she learned a lot about herself and how to love other people. I will look forward to the next installment of the Snipesville Chronicles to see if she matures as she travels to different centuries and learns that there are other people with problems bigger than hers.

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