Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

Grace saw her father shot and killed and now she is hiding out in Harper's Station so that the man that had her father killed cannot find her. Grace is now a telegraph operator in Harper's Station, the all female community that gives women seeking refuge a safe place to live.

Amos and Grace have started up a relationship across the wires. They visit with each other after hours, but have never met. When Amos hears that Grace is in trouble he immediately rushes to her aid. Not as big and burly as some men, Amos has a steadfast character that draws Grace to him. Will Amos be able to help Grace in her hour of need?

I loved HEART ON THE LINE! The romance was sweet between Grace and Amos, and whew, the kisses were smouldering! The suspense was pretty gripping and kept me turning the pages way too long past my bedtime. I loved catching up with all of the other people in Harper's Station from the first book NO OTHER WILL DO. I love the way that all of the women take care of each other. I also really enjoyed the side story of Helen, another woman in Harper's Station. A wonderful read and I definitely recommend it!

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