Sunday, March 12, 2017

Her Baby's Protector

SAVED BY THE LAWMAN by Margaret Daley

As Kate Forster is out for her evening run with her baby boy a man with a ski mask on tries to snatch him away from her. Hearing her cries for help police officer Chase Walker rushes to her aid. Chase manages to pursue the would-be kidnapper for a while, but when the man jumps in a car and drives away he loses him. As a family-court judge Kate has tried many cases and has made a few enemies. Is one of them determined to kidnap her son to get even with her?

I really enjoyed SAVED BY THE LAWMAN. It was full of suspense and a bit of romance between Kate and Chase. Chase's care for Kate's son was touching and Kate's determination to keep her son safe was inspiring. There was a bit of a twist at the end that I sort of expected to come, but I still enjoyed it.

SAVED BY THE SEAL by Susan Sleeman

Bree Hatfield knows that her friends were murdered even though their deaths have been ruled an accident. Now Bree is raising her friends baby girl and investigating their death. Someone doesn't like her snooping where she doesn't belong. When Bree and her baby's life are threatened she escapes to the only place she knows will be safe. Bree's ex-boyfriend is a navy SEAL pledged to protect people. He's never stopped loving Bree, but his job has made it impossible for them to be together. Clint will stop at nothing to help Bree and her baby even if it means breaking his heart all over again.

It is hard to resist a strong military protector! I loved Clint's character and his desire to protect Bree and her baby. I also loved how he was with the baby. There's something about seeing(or reading) about a strong man who turns to mush when a baby gets put in his arms! I thought the suspense/mystery was well-written as well and kept me turning the pages quickly. Another fantastic read by this author.

Both books were quick reads and both books held my interest throughout with engaging characters and that touch of suspense that kept me wanting more after each chapter finished.

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