Monday, March 20, 2017

All The Future Holds by Miranda Atchley

In this sequel to A Castle in the Sky, author Abi Hensley has made a name for herself in New York. she is enjoying her success as an author and also enjoying her life in New York. Abi's known for writing strong female characters that resonate with the times. With the Women's Suffrugette movement getting started Abi is not sure what her role will be. Abi believes that all are created equal, but is she willing to go out and march for this cause? Abi is content with her life, but her parents are still disappointed in her lack of interest in any male suitors. Abi isn't against marriage, but it isn't for her at this time in her life. Does that make her a Suffragette? Throughout the story Abi struggles with what society's expectations for women are and her desire to be herself and the woman that God created her to be.

I enjoyed glimpses of the struggle that women in the Suffragette era were faced with. I also liked how Abi's struggle was portrayed. As a single woman in society she was expected to marry and let a man care for her. But Abi chose to make her own living and that was looked down upon not only by men, but even some more vocal and cruel women. In the same way that Abi wished to live her life the way she felt God called her to live, she wasn't willing to just jump in and be the voice of the movement. Abi knew her limits and decided to work within those. I loved how that was portrayed in the story. We each have a gift given us by our Creator, and Abi was using that gift to reach many people.

While the Suffragette movement was a big part of the story I also enjoyed the friendships that Abi has made. Those that have invested in her and the ones that she has invested in have given Abi a nice family of friends to keep her company and her life full. All the Future Holds left us with a huge cliff hanger so I will be looking forward to the next Abi Hensley book!

My Review of A Castle in the Sky


  1. Squee! Thank you so much, Julie! I really appreciate that you took the time to read and review All The Future Holds. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! It makes me happy that you enjoyed reading the message of All The Future Holds as well as about the friendships that Abi made. You made my day! I can't wait for you to read book #3 in The Abi Hensley Series!

    Have a great week! (Hugs)

    -Miranda Atchley

    1. You are so welcome Miranda! Looking forward to your next book :)